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Creating Remarkable Customer Interactions

Every time a customer calls or emails, you are making an impression. Every interaction is an opportunity. Did your business make the most of that? In the modern connected world, reputation is everything. Customers search reviews and read about your company before they even consider working with you. Negative reviews are left with lightning speed, often times with devastating consequences. RequestTracker Pro gives you the power to make every customer interaction positive by actively managing service levels and ensuring every customer request is resolved appropriately.

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Never let a request “slip through the cracks” again! Respond quickly and efficiently to requests from multiple communication types.

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Don’t let your team get tripped up sharing a mailbox. Easily divide, manage, and conquer even the heaviest customer support workloads.

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Augment staff efficiency and responsiveness with our customer engagement automation tools. Empower your team to spend making customers happy, not doing repetitive tasks.

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Explore multiple points of powerful customer engagement. From email, to phone, and live chat on your website, interact with customers in their preferred medium. Integration with the tools you use every day makes it simple.

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